What is SuperConf?

By | March 6, 2017

SuperConf 2017 is where web development & entrepreneurship converge. We will have 9 startups & 8 speakers over 2 days in perfect weather during February.

Day One:

Startup Blast Off is where new companies launch their products to the public. It’s a competition where 9 new companies with no press & closed beta’s get the opportunity to win $26k in cash & prizes.

Judged by a panel of 5; consisting of founders, angel investors, venture capitalists & journalists. Are you one of these companies?

Day two:

SuperConf is about understanding user interface design, bleeding edge technology, user experience, marketing & business. It’s about meeting new people & building lasting relationships. All of this, followed by an amazing after party (hosted by Senzari).

In the end, SuperConf is about learning something new & walking away truly inspired.

We will also be including a great panel on community building featuring these amazing community mobilizers!

Who is making this possible?

SuperConf is organized by Auston Bunsen. But it would not be possible without the support of these companies:

What exactly is Startup Blast Off?

Startup Blast Off is the place for companies that are in closed beta or alpha with products that have not yet been covered in any press. SuperConf connects you with Journalists from top publications like TheNextWeb, The Startup Foundry & The Miami Herald.
The grand prize for 2016 was $25,000 in cash & prizes. For 2017, we are upping the prize to $26,000!
In order to be considered.
If you’re wondering how your odds measure up against other conferences, check out some of our research on startup competitions & conferences.

Who will be judging Startup Blast Off?

A panel of experts; consisting of founders, journalists, venture capitalists & investors.

These panelists will be grilling each startup about it’s market, technology, customer acquisition & using that to select the winner of the Startup Blast Off Grand Prize.
If you’d like to apply to present at Startup Blast Off, go here